Day-Ray acquired Preco in 1995 which enabled an
expansion of product lines into AC/DC electric motors
for hydraulic pumps, as well as other aircraft motor
technology. This acquisition also enabled Day-Ray to
enhance its engineering capabilities.

Preco’s long history in commercial and military aerospace motor
applications make us an ideal outsourcing partner for electric motor
subassembly manufacturing. We have years of expertise in stator
winding and rotor manufacturing to meet aerospace standards. From
lamination stamping to final assembly, Preco can build your entire
motor assembly —reducing your inventory requirements and simplifying
your supply chain.

The original 23-26776 vaneaxial fan can be found on many commercial aircraft and is known for extremely high reliability and cost efficiency. It’s an excellent choice to cool avionics equipment. Click here for additional information on the 23-26776 series.